Max Performer Review 2024 – New male enhancement king?

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Review summary:

Review Summary:

Max Performer is a new male enhancement prtoduct that can dramaticaly increase your performance in the bedroom!

The pills are taken as a daily supplement and works whenever you need an extra sexual boost.

The benefits you can get:

  • Increased libido (desire for sex)
  • Avoid premature ejacultion
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Much stronger and harder erections

Max performer review 2020

I recommend Max Performer pills to men who suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction or to men who just want some extra kick to improve their sexual performance.

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It’s a sad fact that when it comes to sexual performance, the pressure on men remains higher than what women have to face in most cases.Well, that’s a “hard” reality indeed.

And even with that, one often fails to escape the judgemental approach of this society towards sexual incapabilities. That’s something which can have disastrous consequences on someone’s life.

This is one of the main reasons why so many men choose to remain silent about their problems. And, this is also the major factor behind the numerous male enhancement pills and tools one can find literally everywhere nowadays!

However, one male enhancement pill that has indeed created a bit of interest amongst users is Max Performer.

For all that can be said about this supplement, it offers some substantial results, and has been hailed as one of the better alternatives in the market.

But is the hype valid about this one? Let’s find out in this Max Performer review!


Max Performer is a sexual performance enhancement pill that has been recently launched by Silver Blade Nutrition LTD. It is formulated using natural ingredients and claims to solve a number of sexual complications.

sexual performance problems

These include:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low stamina (endurance) during performance
  • Low sex drive (libido)
  • Small size of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction

The medication is claimed to be of help especially for those suffering from extremely low self-esteem and confidence in sexual matters.

One of the things that the pill seems to have gotten right is its understanding of the most common factors behind sexual problems in men.

These factors almost always include a possibly low level of testosterone. This, as most will probably know, is the dominant male hormone. It is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in males and for the creation of libido.

Sadly, the levels of testosterone decrease with age and can also reduce due to a number of other health complications.

Another major reasons behind sexual complication is poor blood circulation. This is mainly caused due to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits that can cause blockages in the system.


Max Performer helps tackle these issues by improving your metabolism and hormonal levels.

It helps supplant the necessary nutrients required by the male sexual metabolism. It does so by bringing 13 natural ingredients into the play.

max performer ingredients

Ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, and Korean Red Ginseng are known to raise the levels of testosterone in the body and treat diseases such as erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Maca is an ingredient known to increase sexual desire. These also help you achieve harder erections.

Ingredients such as Bioperine is known to increase the bioavailability of the other nutrients for the body to absorb them better. It increases body heat and cellular energy, thus, heightening the stamina during sexual performance.

Other vital nutrients such as folates and zinc increase testosterone levels,. They also help improve blood circulation in the body. These helps in the process of vasodilation, where the blood vessels in the body widen to carry more blood into the male reproductive organs.

Also, the penile muscles are relaxed by the neurological functions at the same time, which aids the rush of blood that fills the sacs in the penis to sustain an erection.

As a result, you get harder, longer-lasting erection, a high sex drive, and maximum pleasure during performance.

One of the main benefits of an increased level of testosterone in the male body is that it helps in the development of muscles. It increases the overall strength of the body.

Apart from these essential nutrients, the pill also comes packed with riboflavin and other vitamins, which sustains the levels of stamina and endurance during physical performance.


A standard box of the Max Performer performance enhancement pills contains 60 capsules packed in 4×15 strips. A single pack contains dosages for a month and should last you that long if taken as directed.

The manufacturer of the product recommends having 2 pills a day for a minimum of 3-4 months to get visible results.

You can take two pills with water 30 minutes before having your breakfast. This will give it ample time to dissolve and be absorbed well by the body.

However, you can also take a single pill in the morning and one before lunch to check your absorption patterns.

If you want to take more than 2 pills, it would be wise to consult a medical expert about that first.

Do avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks for taking these pills. These may cross-react and reduce the efficiency of the product.

Let’s see how you can benefit even more from Max Performer.


Yes, it is infact recommended if you want to take full advantage of it!

There are 3 methods that works well with pills like the Max Performer and thats:

  • Penis pumps – This is also sometimes referred to as vacuum therapy and it is used to treat ED. You can read more about penis pumps in the article. This is a method that a lot of men use and the success rate is very high. The amount of time you have to invest in this is very limited compared to other methods like the penis extender.
  • Penis extenders – Using a penis extender while using penis pills can improve you size gains by up to 15% compared to penis extender users who does not use any other form of male enhancement. I’ve covered penis extender in this article and I would recommend to take a look at.
  • Penis exercises – This is the last method and can be done with the help of your hands where you perform some special exercises that are good for your penis. I would recommend a penis exercise program called Phalogenics that will teach you have to perform the exercises and gives you a plan to follow for maximum results. You can read more about Phalogenics here.

You can mix and match any number of different methods, they all kind of work together and they all benefits from each other.

Max performer combo

But, are there any problems associated with the pills?


Max Performer is made using natural ingredients that have been used in traditional remedies for sexual complications for a very long time. It does not contain steroids, APIs, or synthetic stimulants. You can rest assured this won’t cause any side-effects that such chemical compounds usually do.

The supplement is manufactured in a cGMP facility and comply with the strict guidelines of international standards. There have been no reports of side-effects that came from the users of this product.

However, it should be noted that the full potential of these ingredients to cause any possible side-effects are still not fully known.

As with most enhancement pills, users may experience a slight increase in blood pressure.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the supplement, then you must not take this supplement. Discontinue use immediately if you notice any adverse reactions.

To be on the safe side, people with any medical history of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, strokes, allergies, liver or kidney ailments, or currently under any medication should consult a physician before using Max Performer.


100 days guarantee

One of the many advantages that the supplement provides is its 100-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that you get your money’s worth, and makes it easy to get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

It’s a nice touch on the company’s part that helps build a relationship of trust between the brand and its customers.



  • Increases stamina for longer durations of performance
  • Provides longer-lasting erections
  • Increases overall physical strength
  • Ensures a high sex-drive and vigor to last long during performance


  • Takes its own time to show results
  • This is a pretty expensive supplement, and you do not get it offline

It’s nice to know what you think, but what does men who has used Max Performer pills think about them?

Clinically tested ingredients

Max Performer pills, a male enhancement supplement, have undergone testing to evaluate their efficacy and safety. While specific studies on Max Performer may be limited, the ingredients commonly found in Max Performer have been studied individually for their potential benefits in enhancing male sexual performance.

Some of the key ingredients in Max Performer include Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Korean Red Ginseng, and Cordyceps. Research suggests that these ingredients may help improve erectile function, libido, stamina, and overall sexual satisfaction.

For example, Horny Goat Weed contains icariin, a compound that may help increase blood flow to the penis and improve erectile function. Maca is believed to support libido and energy levels, while Korean Red Ginseng may have adaptogenic properties that could enhance sexual function. Cordyceps is also thought to boost energy and stamina.

While individual studies on these ingredients show promising results, it’s essential to note that the overall efficacy of Max Performer as a product hasn’t been thoroughly evaluated in large-scale, peer-reviewed clinical trials. Additionally, individual responses to supplements may vary, and some users may experience adverse effects or interactions with other medications or supplements.


Max Performer is by far the best product that I’ve taken for my ED. I take my two pills at breakfest each day and they pretty much work whenever I need it(I wish it was more often ? ).

I used to have very soft erections that where not able to penetrate the girl I were with. Now I get a strong erection in seconds and my libido is though the roof.

I can only recommend Max Performer pills! – David – USA

Max Performer is not my first male enhancement product, I’ve tried a few other products with little to no success. I’m happy that I gave it one more shot and tried Max Performer, it’s easy to use, works perfectly, what else can I say? A total thumb up from me. – Brian – Canada


Overall, Max Performer does offer a wide range of benefits for improving your sex life. It works well to make your sexual encounters pleasurable and significantly long-lasting.

And, if you’re looking for a power-drug to boost your sexual prowess, then Max Performer is for you!

Max Performer has been voted the best male enhancement product of 2020.