K-y duration gel review

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K-y duration gel is a gel that you put on the glans of your penis 15 minutes before sex and it will help you last longer during sex.


  • Longer lasting sex
  • Works within 15 minutes
  • Very cheap

K-y duration gel review

K-y duration gel not the best delay product and there are solutions that are more effective such as VigRX Delay Spray, you can read out review of VigRX Delay spray here.

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What Is K-Y Duration Gel?

This product is an endurance enhancer for men who want to stay longer in bed. It works by temporarily prolonging the time that it takes for one to ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

The manufacturers of this product assert that it helps men to control sexual stimulation and allows them to stay in the moment during sexual intercourse so as to satisfy their partners.

How Does K-Y Duration Gel Ingredients Work?

The active ingredient in this product is Benzocaine. It’s a frequently used genital desensitizing agent approved by the FDA as safe to use.

It helps by lowering the sensitivity levels that arise from sexual activity.

This helps to prevent premature ejaculation; hence, allowing men to have better sexual activity that satisfies their partners.

K-y duration gel ingredients

How often should I use it?

When it comes to how often that one should use it, it depends on the directions of a medical professional. Again, you can’t use it for more than four times in a day.

Unlike this product, VigRX delay spray doesn’t have any prescriptions. This makes it a reliable alternative that men can use to have a longer lasting sexual experience.

What are the benefits?

According to the manufacturers of the product, it temporarily delays climax so as to avoid premature ejaculation.

As a result of this effect, men are able to last a little bit longer than when not using it. Additionally, they are able to have more enjoyable intercourse with their partners. It is also easy to use.

A much better alternative to the above-mentioned product is VigRX delay spray. It gives men the ability to have better control of orgasm, therefore enabling them to have more confidence and a better sexual satisfaction capacity for them and their partners.

Again, it doesn’t numb the nerve endings of a man’s sexual organ, thus giving him more pleasure.

K-y duration gel

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee

Customers do not enjoy money back guarantee offers that other products might be having. This is a disadvantage if you happen not to like the product.

The good news is that VigRX delay spray has a money back guarantee policy that allows customers to get back their money if they are not satisfied with the product within 67 days. This makes it a better option.

K-y duration gel Pros/Cons

The following are the pros of using K-Y duration gel:

  • It has less smell
  • It acts fast (within 15 minutes before having sex)
  • You can use a condom when using it.

The cons of using this product are:

  • It contains more residue than other desensitizing products and it has minimal effect upon usage. However, you can choose to use VigRX delay spray because of its better outcomes upon usage. The advantages include: users have more satisfying sex, it’s easy to use, it acts faster (within 10 minutes before having sex), and no prescriptions are required.

K-y duration gel Testimonials

A deeper look at the reviews from customers who have used the product, its quite evident that most of them don’t seem to have liked the experience. Most of them argue that after having used it several times, they didn’t get the results they were expecting. Though there are those who claim to have had a good experience with it, a majority point out that they got disappointed after using it. Unlike this product, most users of VigRX delay spray acknowledge that it’s way better than other desensitizing products. This makes it a way better choice for improving sexual experience than K-Y duration gel.


Certainly, men would like to have a good sexual experience both for them and their partners.

This is why they look for products that can help them last longer and, in the process, satisfy their partners.

Though K-Y duration gel is a popular product that has been in the market for a long time now, it doesn’t match the quality results of VigRX delay spray. As a spray, it has better outcomes for delaying climaxing for men.

VigRx Delay Spray benefits

Upon usage of VigRX delay spray, men are able to allow their women to enjoy sex by enabling them to reach climax as well.

The pros of VigRX delay spray are better than those of K-Y duration gel, thus making it a preferred alternative.

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